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Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and data protection of my patients’ information is my priority. To ensure privacy and safety of our Users, www.polozna-majewska.pl set up privacy and data collection policy in the accordance with the current laws and regulations.

An example of a document that each patient is required to sign:
We herby would like to inform you that:
  1. The administrator of data in accordance with the personal data processing is Agnieszka Majewska Indiwidualna Praktyka Poloznej, Jackowskiego 32/2, Poznan. Tel. +48506141347, email address: info@polozna-majewska.pl
  2. The purpose of medical data collection and archiving is to benefit and support patient.
  3. User has the right to access, correct, or remove information, if needed or necessary. In addition, User has the right to limit or deny data processing, or transfer. He/she also has the right to withdraw a consent at any time, or make a formal complaint to an appropriate authority [Urzad Ochrony Danych Osobowych (Office for Personal Data Protection)].
  4. Data sharing by the User is voluntary, however without it the provider will be unable to offer services.
  5. Information provided by the User will not be shared with third parties. It will only be accessible to or shared with institutions authorized by law.
  6. Users’ data will not be used for profiling.
  7. Administrator has no intention to communicate data with another country, or an international organization.
  8. Personal data will be archived for a period of up to 20 years, counting from the beginning of a year that follows year when consent was sign (if the consent was signed January 2020, countdown will begin January 2021, and data will be stored to January 2041).

Automatic data collection
While on our website, system automatically collects information such as your activity, IP address, browser, your operating system. This data is used for administrative and statistical purposes only.
Transfer of personal data and communication with our servers is coded, and done through SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer). Servers storing personal information are owned by www.polozna-majewska.pl and secured against access by an unauthorized party.

Usage of cookies
Our website might use cookies, which help to identify user session while on our site. Cookies don’t contain any personal information, and allow for the application to work properly.
In order to block the transfer of this type of files, you have to change settings on your browser, but take into consideration that some functions and features of the site might not work thereafter.
Portal www.polozna-majewska.pl reserves the right to change the content of the privacy policy in the event of changes in Polish law, or the implementation of new technological and IT solutions.