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Pakiet Comfort

Package Comfort

You save 80 zł

Package COMFORT offers you highest medical support as well as primary care to satisfy you immediate needs. COMFORT includes two in-office consultations, two CTG tests, as well as two postpartum home visits.

  • 2x CTG at home
  • 2x Home visie
  • 2x Office visit consultation

800 zł


Pakiet Premium

Package Premium

You save 100 zł

PREMIUM is a great step-up from COMFORT as it includes three consultations in my office, three CTG tests, and three home visits. In addition, you will have the option of scheduling a home visit during the weekend or Holidays. What does it mean exactly? Let’s say the hospital discharge happens on Friday, PREMIUM package will give you the option of being seen by me - at your home - as soon as that weekend. You won’t even need to get out of your PJs . You won’t have to worry about being alone with any of your postpartum questions, doubts or concerns. You will get the care you require; on the day you need it the most. In addition, package PREMIUM includes complimentary removal off stitches from either caesarian section, or viginal deliveries.

  • 3x CTG at home
  • 3x Home visie
  • 3x Office visit consultation
  • Stitches removal

1200 zł


Pakiet VIP

Package VIP

You save 140 zł

The VIP Package has been created for patients who might require – or wish for - the most hands-on care. You will receive four of each: CTG, office visits, as well as home visits, two of which can be scheduled during weekend or Holiday time. Just like in the PREMIUM package, I offer stitches removal free of additional charge, but only VIP package offers a noninvasive bilirubin testing for your baby, and all that at your own home.

  • 4x CTG at home
  • 4x Home visie
  • Non-invasive bilirubin measurement
  • 4x Online consultation
  • Stitches removal

1500 zł


Pakiet Month of Online Consultation

Package Month of Online Consultation

You save 600 zł

One payment, 30 days of access, one 20 minute consultation a day! And no, you don’t have to worry if the time is up ;) I won’t finish the conversation if I feel your problem requires more time and attention. If, on the other hand, your concern is less urgent, but requires more time, we can schedule an office, or home visit to ensure you are well taken care of.

  • 30x Online consultation

1800 zł


Through the calendar you can:

  • Set up office visits
  • Set up in-home visits
  • Arrange online consultations

You can also check availability, set up a home or online visit by calling or texting:

+48 506 141 347

By phone I only provide information about the availability of dates. For a consultation, I invite you to the office, at your home and online. It’s always your choice.

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