While you focus on your child's happiness, my focus is on you.

I deliver your dreams

I put you at the center of everything I do, tailoring my care to you and your needs.

o mnie

Femininity is a treasure which ought to be throughout our lives. That treasure is our common mission, and what I do has been my passion for years. Let’s get to know each other.

Allow yourself to be taken care of during the pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond in the best possible way, and with the consideration of all your needs.

Are you looking for a private midwife, as well as full support throughout your pregnancy, birth, lactation and postpartum period? I have three packages to offer that will allow you peace of mind, and security each day. Each one of the offers is based on the current guidelines as well as in compliance with newest perinatal medical standards.

Moreover, I specialize in working with females of all ages, including teenagers, as well as women in their golden years. At my office you have access to a variety of services, such as cytology, taking off stitches from post gynecological surgeries, you can also obtain advice on a variety of subjects involving femininity including, but not limited to contraception, sexuality, prevention, and health education.

o mnie

Through the calendar you can:

  • Set up office visits
  • Set up in-home visits
  • Arrange online consultations

You can also check availability, set up a home or online visit by calling or texting:

+48 506 141 347

By phone I only provide information about the availability of dates. For a consultation, I invite you to the office, at your home and online. It’s always your choice.

Choose your service package

I put you in a centre of everything what I am doing. I even arrange the care to your needs.

Pakiet Comfort


You save
80 zł

  • 2x Office visit consultation
  • 2x CTG at home
  • 2x Home visie
Pakiet Premium


You save
130 zł

  • 3x Office visit consultation
  • 3x CTG at home
  • 3x Home visie
  • 1x Stitches removal
Pakiet VIP


You save
200 zł

  • 1x Non-invasive bilirubin measurement
  • 4x Online consultation
  • 4x CTG at home
  • 4x Home visie
  • 1x Stitches removal

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Taking care of a woman is to see what is invisible for others :)