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About me

I’m involved with midwifery for years now. I got my Masters Degree at the Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences in Poznan in 2011. I gained my experience at Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital on Polna Street in Poznan, in a private OBGYN office, in a medical center, as well as a birthing school. I am currently working on obtaining OBGYN specialty.

Furthermore, I finished postgraduate studies in medical management at Poznan University of Economics. I’m forever dedicated to better myself and I strongly believe in the importance of an ongoing education – especially in ever-changing medical field. I want to make sure I’m equipped with the knowledge of the latest and most reliable solutions, so that I can tackle anything you come to me with.

Throughout the years I have obtained countless certificates, including

  • extended training in cytological examination,
  • first aid and rescue training,
  • CPR training specializing in newborns,
  • midwife training for wound management and healing, certificate
  • preventative vaccinations for newborns
  • Shantala massage for newborns
  • Prenatal massage

Under the supervision of Debra Pascal Bonar, I successfully completed DONA training for doulas (psychological support for women in a perinatal stage).

I worked in a private as well as public offices and hospitals. Based on my experience, I feel like the private sector allows me to provide a wider, more flexible and in-tune with a patient care. Exactly the type and quality of care and attention that I would wish for myself. At your disposal, I put my life-long dream, and years of hard work.

Welcome to my practice.

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The exceptional care of a private midwife

I put you in the center of everything I do, adjusting the care to you, and your individual needs and wants. My goal is to make sure you get complete, continues support, widest and most diverse range of options during all stages of pregnancy - and beyond. Through my experience, my practice, my approach, and my passion for medicine I want to ensure the safest care possible for you, and your baby. I promise to never take your trust for granted, and to work endlessly for you during this fascinating, and exciting journey of motherhood - and womanhood in general.

There are many stages in our lives as women, some of which can be pretty challenging at times, but with proper support you can learn about the changes your body is going through, and acquire a set of lifetime skills that will give you a boost of self confidence to make anything possible.

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Private midwife has the capability of connecting with you on a much more intimate level due to the trust and relationship built through a close cooperation. It is only possible through a close, ongoing care, and appointments set with your convenience and needs in mind. We both want what’s best for you and your baby, and that can be achieved through open and honest discussion about subjects and concerns you choose. In order to prepare for all the stages of the pregnancy, labour and postpartum stress-free, we focus on and address only what’s most imported to you. I promise to never rush through our consultations, and to see you as often as you desire, till all your questions are answered.

You deserve to feel important and taken care of.

Through the calendar you can:

  • Set up office visits
  • Set up in-home visits
  • Arrange online consultations

You can also check availability, set up a home or online visit by calling or texting:

+48 506 141 347

By phone I only provide information about the availability of dates. For a consultation, I invite you to the office, at your home and online. It’s always your choice.

Podczas gdy Ty skupiasz się na szczęściu swojego dziecka, ja koncentruję się na Tobie.